Ultrasound Scanning.  Is this necessary?

At Watkins and Tasker Vets we are always looking to better our service to you, our clients which is why we have invested in more advanced technology.


What is scanning?


Scanning is a superb non-invasive way of peering inside the body without having to have general anaesthetic or surgery.


When is scanning useful?


Scanning has a variety of uses, from assessing, in real time, how well a heart is beating, or checking the size of the organs such as the pancreas or intestines in the tummy, or even to see whether a pet has a growth inside the body. The system can easily check other areas such as the liver, the bladder and the womb, for example for pregnancy or infection.


Why not just X-ray?


Each case is different, and sometimes X-rays are the best way to help diagnose a problem. Equally, ultrasound scanning provides a moving image, in real time, and so is better than X-ray for certain situations. The two methods complement each other very well.


Who carries out the ultrasounds?


All of our vets can carry out ultrasounds but where possible our vets Mario Amaral, Amy Parsons and Andrew Fullerton carry out these procedures, due to their experience and advanced training.



If you have any questions about ultrasonography please ask your vet.