Exotics & Small Furries

Our Services for Exotic Pets & Small Furries

Watkins and Tasker Veterinary Group treats a wide range of species, including almost all the animals you may keep as a pet. Most often, we are treating dogs, cats and rabbits, but we are also happy to help your ‘small furries’ such as guinea pigs, mice, rats, and many others. Some of the more unusual pets such as birds, reptiles and fish are treated by specific vets within the practice. So please let us know if you would like to bring your parrot, tortoise or bearded dragon to see us. We love to see these less common pets, and will make sure you see a vet with the appropriate expertise.


Some of our nurses also have special training in exotic animals: in veterinary parlance the word 'exotic' means pets other than dogs, cats and rabbits. Our nurse Sarah is our trained exotics nurse, do ask to speak to her if you need advice on routine queries such as housing, feeding and general management of your pet.

Our Vet Mario heads our team in treatment of birds and reptiles, and vet Fiona has a special interest in backyard chickens, as well as other birds.

Regretfully, we do not have the facilities to treat horses or farm animals.

Rabbit Clinics

Several of our nurses have a special interest in rabbits, and can offer you a free check over for your bunny.


If any problem areas are identified, the nurse will book you in for a veterinary surgeon to examine your rabbit.


Our nurse Sarah would love to meet your tortoise as she is our trained exotics nurse.


Pre-hibernation appointments include a weight check and general health check up. It is extremely important not to hibernate a tortoise if it underweight or is suffering from any health condition, therefore a check up is advised in August in order to make sure the tortoise is in a good condition to hibernate.


Post-hibernation checks enable us assess the weight of the tortoise when they wake up. We can advise the best way to re-hydrate your tortoise and get them eating as soon as possible, and deal with any conditions arising from hibernation.


Call us to arrange a tortoise check up.

Pet Passports

If you are planning on travelling (and returning) with your pet prior to March 2019, you can now go with your pet, without them having to go into quarantine as long as you follow certain rules. These include them having a “pet passport” which we are able to issue.

HOWEVER if you are travelling after 28th March 2019, due to potential impact of Brexit, the rules regarding what you will be required to do may be changing and it could take up to 4 months to prepare your pet for travel. Please read our summary, speak to us immediately or gain further information from

There are various other criteria to consider if you are planning on taking your pet on holiday and these include:


  • Country going to/coming from
  • Species and breed of pet
  • Vaccination status and depending on outcome of Brexit a blood test


We advise you contact us as soon as you know you are travelling. A much longer time may be needed to organise pet travel to destinations from March 2019 and those outside the Eurozone.