Our Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club is designed to provide top quality preventative care (vaccinations, worming and flea control) for your pet while spreading the cost across the year by easy monthly payments.



Available for dogs, cats and rabbits, our Club includes:


Membership keeps your pet healthy...


  • All routine vaccinations (including primary course and annual boosters)
    Dogs: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, and Kennel Cough
    Cats: Feline Leukaemia, Enteritis, Calicivirus, and Herpesvirus.
    Rabbits: Myxomatosis, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 1 & 2


  • Comprehensive six month health check (with a vet)
  • Year-round tick treatment (for cats on collar plan and dogs on tablet plan)
  • Year-round flea treatment (for cats and dogs only)
  • Year-round worm prevention (for cats and dogs only)
  • Seasonal fly-strike prevention (for rabbits only)


Gives you lots of additional savings...

  • Neutering discount ( £15 for dogs / £10 for cats / £5 for rabbits )
  • 50% off micro-chipping
  • 20% off out of hours consultations (excludes treatment)
  • 10% off preventative dental treatment
  • 10% off all food purchased at the surgery
  • 10% off all additional parasite treatments purchased
  • 10% discount off our Senior Pet Packages
  • Nail clipping (with a nurse)
  • Home delivery of your pet’s parasite treatments (optional extra for cats and dogs)

Plus you also benefit from...

  • No joining fee
  • Telephone advice
  • Dental health advice
  • Diet and weight advice
  • Behaviour advice
  • Convenient monthly payments by direct debit




Remember the Pet Health Club is not the same thing as pet insurance. It covers the important preventative health items that most insurances do not cover. If you have signed up online, your Pet Health Club subscription will not start until the first payment is collected. If you wish for your subscription to start sooner please contact the Practice.



How much does monthly membership cost?







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