Emergency Service

We are open 7 days a week with late night opening at the Portishead Practice.


However, if you need us in an Emergency outside of our opening hours, please phone our normal number:


Nailsea           01275 858 628

Portishead     01275 397 449

Yatton             01934 833 685


You will hear a recorded message, directing you to our Out of Hours answering service. The Duty Vet will be one of our Vets, who has access to your pet’s history and you will be seen at one of our branches – usually Portishead as this is where we hospitalise our more serious cases. We can see your pet at home out of hours but we want to be able to offer the best appropriate care and the surgery is very much the best place – please discuss your preference with the Emergency Team when calling.

If my pet is hospitalised, will someone stay with them overnight?

Each case is different, and the level of care is planned on a case by case basis following consultation with the Vet and you as the owners.


We have the facility for a nurse to stay at the surgery overnight, where this is appropriate, for example for high maintenance or severely ill pets. Nurses work daytimes as well as being on night call.


We do not outsource emergencies.    Remember: “Our Vets, Our Nurses, Our Premises, all of the time.”

Out of Hours telephone advice is free.


There is a supplement for calling the Vet out to see a pet at a time when we are normally closed. This is currently £120.00 (8-11pm or 6-8:30am) or £173 (11pm-6am) in addition to our normal daytime costs e.g. £56.50 for Dog/Cat Consultation.

Blood Donation - Watkins & Tasker Lifesavers.

We have performed several emergency blood transfusions in dogs at our Portishead Practice. On these occasions blood was donated from amazing staff pets. But, that got us thinking; can we expand our donor list for future emergency scenarios?


Does your dog have what it takes to become a life-saver?


Criteria for donors are as follows:

  • Must be fit and healthy
  • Should be aged between one and eight years old
  • Weigh more than 25kg
  • Have a good temperament
  • Must not have travelled abroad
  • Should be fully up to date with vaccination
  • Not on any current medication
  • If female should not have had puppies


For more information about pet blood donation, please talk to the Practice and we will arrange a nurse appointment to go through the process.



We hope to build up a list of willing volunteer dogs (and in the future cats) so please get in touch if you wish your pet to be on the scheme. This is a great opportunity to actively offer help to a poorly pet in a time of serious need. Many thanks!