Case File

The return of a nasty lump - a Case Story

by Matt Casey BVMS MRCVS


Recently our Vet Matt met Daisy. She has been coming to the Practice for a number of years and way back in 2017 had a tumour on her leg removed at a local referral centre. This was a type of tumour called a soft tissue sarcoma which is generally an aggressive type of growth, being locally invasive into the deeper tissues under the skin.

Unfortunately, last month, the tumour had re-formed and this time it was very large, covering most of Daisy’s thigh.  To remove it meant a very big operation for Daisy in order not only to remove the lump, but also to try and ensure we reduced the chances of it re-growing back a second time.  This meant removal of a large amount of skin and underlying muscle which inevitably left a large open surgical site.



With stage one achieved, stage two meant closing the large hole left by the surgery! Matt carried out a special technique called a rotational skin flap, to move an area of healthy skin from a different part of her body, in this case from skin over her tummy just in front of her leg, which was then used to close the original leg wound.  Effectively this is ‘plastic surgery’, and lots of stitches were required.

This type of surgery requires very focussed care after the operation to ensure the healing is successful.  Luckily, the rehab team were able to carry out laser therapy to help speed up Daisy’s recovery time. The therapeutic laser we have uses the energy in light to reduce inflammation and assist the wound to heal.



We are very happy to report that Daisy is now back up and running. Tests performed at the laboratory on the lump removed during the operation showed all of the cancer had been successfully removed, and we wish Daisy all the best for a healthy future.